Our Services

What we Offer

We specialize in catering to the unique needs and customized demands of customers in a variety of industries and sectors. Whether you need consulting services for your technology platform, information architecture, a health, mental health, or behavioral health app or service, or auditing services, we’ve got you covered.

Health & Mental Health Tech Consulting

Dr. John Grohol is a leading industry expert in online behavioral health.

App & Website Development

We work as project leads for app and website development, focusing on sites and apps for behavioral & mental health.

Behavioral Change

We are experts in helping companies understand the ways to impact behavioral change in their users through technology.

Technology Review

Need a review of your current architecture or technology choices? We can conduct a top-to-bottom review and make recommendations based upon industry standards.

Site Hosting

Dedicated server hosting, as well as cloud service offerings. We can host a simple marketing website or a complex web app.

Information Architecture

We can review your existing information architecture, make recommendations based upon human behavioral studies & best SEO practices.