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Liviant LLC is a privately-held web hosting, publishing and Internet services company located in beautiful downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts. We specialize in catering to the unique needs and customized demands of customers in a variety of industries and sectors. We specialize in offering custom and affordable solutions to challenging Internet infrastructure and hosting requirements. We leverage our large customer base in order to obtain Tier 1 hosting capacity and full-service, fully-managed servers at affordable, do-it-yourself prices.

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Our services include:

  • Site and domain hosting on dedicated Intel Xeon servers (no virtual servers)
  • Online publishing services
  • Information architecture
  • Security auditing and compliance testing
  • Online voting fraud detection
  • Usability testing

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Our Clients

Our clients have ranged from a world-renowned transportation company and an international professional association, to a regional energy company as well as one of the world's larget information resources and mental health online support communities. We also host a variety of other smaller organizations and companies. All customers receive the same priority service and the same enterprise hosting solutions monitored 24/7 in facilities across the country. We use only name-brand Intel Xeon servers; we never use homebuilt hardware or virtual server (VPS) accounts.

Case Studies
  • One of our clients needed a clean-sheet site redesign, but had a limited budget. We suggested ways to keep their costs low, while rolling out a completely new look, navigation architecture, and feel for their site.
  • For one corporate client we slashed their Web hosting costs by 70% per year while increasing the reliability and security of their Web hosting network
  • For another client, we moved from them from a proprietary set of closed-source management tools and databases to open-source tools, increasing their functionality and data portability
  • For yet another client, we increased their online marketing presence from not being found in Google to appearing on the first page
  • We can help you reduce your Web hosting costs while actually increasing the reliability, stability and security of your Web services...

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